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The King (2019) Historical Review: Brexit, English Nationalism & Evil French

November 25, 2019

The King (2019) is a Netflix movie adapting a play from William Shakespeare's Henriad, about Henry V of England, who united the realm and went to successful wars in France. Rutger Vos, an evolutionary biologist from Leiden University and Naturalis Biodiversity Center, both in The Netherlands, joins Gil Kidron to talk about the political relevance of The King in the UK's shattered politics in the age of Brexit, as the union is breaking apart at the seams.

We go into detail about the actual historical context of the 100 years war that fostered national sentiments on both sides of the English channel, leaving an old world of warrior kings behind, to be later replaced by rich royal courts, all powerful monarchs and world explorations. We also discuss the historical figures and the context in which the plays were written, some 200 years later.

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