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The Jungle in Movies: Apocalypse Now, Avatar, Apocalypto, Jungle Book, Tarzan | Science in Movies

February 17, 2020

The jungle has long been a very attractive topic in movies and books, with its unstoppable nature teeming with mysterious and dramatic creatures and plants. In this episode, Dr. Rutger Vos joins Gil Kidron to talk about the jungle from a scientific perspective, as well as about how it is perceived in the human imagination, through these movies: Apocalypse Now, Avatar, Apocalypto, Jungle Book and Tarzan. As we dive deep we see the common threads in those five different jungle movies (who include a fictional jungle and jungles in Latin America, India, Africa and South East Asia. The jungle is juxtaposed with civilization and progress, as the latter two cannot control this last holdout of raw unstoppable nature.

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