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In Defense of Dumbledore: He’s Not a God and Knows to Prepare Students For Life

October 7, 2019

Is Dumbledore really to blame for the flaws in the wizarding world? Should he have done better? After last week's podcast with writer Ariella Yashar, airing out her beef with the great Albus Dumbledore, huge Potterhead and patron Lireza Elezaj comes to his defense with very compelling arguments. He is a powerful wizard, but not a deity, so he doesn't know everything that is going on in Hogwarts; his hiring practices are inclusive, look at the big picture and are oftentimes restricted by reality, and he knows that young wizards need to go through trials and tribulations to be prepared for the wizarding world, knowing and controlling their powers. Gil Kidron waves a white flag, apologizes to the great Dumbledore and tries to repent.

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